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Meet Our Amazing Sales and Service Teams!

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  • Eric Veltman

    Hometown: Frankfort, IL

    Hobbies: Swimming, Spending time outdoors, Riding anything with a motor.

    Favorite vacation spot: Wisconsin Dells.

    Favorite KIA: Soul- I own one and so do my parents.

    Favorite music: Classic Rock

  • Anthony Boudreau

    Hometown: Bourbonnais IL

    Hobbies: Golfing, coaching, playing softball
    Favorite Vacation Spot: Florida
    Favorite Kia: Optima
    Favorite Movie: Filed of Dreams
    Favorite Music/ Artist: Depends on my mood/ Dave Matthews
    Favorite Food: Anything Italian

    Born and raised in this area, I enjoy seeing familiar faces and helping people anyway that I can. I enjoy spending time with my beautiful family, coaching my sons baseball and soccer teams, and being active. I love being involved in anything that allows me to be competitive. 

  • Nick Sokolsky
    Sales manager/ New Car Manager

    Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
    Employed with Kia: 8 years
    Hobbies: Dressing up like a superhero and fighting crime!
    Favorite Vacation Spot: Disney World
    Favorite Kia: The one I am selling you.. JUST KIDDING... I love the Kia Optima
    Favorite Movie: Anything Marvel, Lord of the Rings or StarWars
    Favorite Artist: AC/DC...DUH!!
    Favorite Food: Pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner..even a midnight snack

    I am the bald manager that is very informative and long winded.  I am addicted to Diet Mountain Dew and I am easily distracted... squirrel! 
    I have a wonderful wife, Malynda, and 2 beautiful kids. I look foward to seeing you soon!

  • Kirby McCormick
    Finance Manager

    Hometown: Clifton, IL

    Employed with Kia: 2 years
    Hobbies: Camping, dirt track racing, hunting and fishing
    Favorite Vacation Spot: Okinawa,  Japan
    Favorite Kia: 2016 Kia Sorento, which is my personal car
    Favorite Movie: Smokey and the Bandit
    Favorite Artist: Anything Old Country
    Favorite Food: Japanese

    I am a proud father, husband, and Marine Veteran.  I enjoy hanging out with my family, spending time outdoors, and heading to the racetrack. I love to help people out and make them laugh!!

  • Amanda Munro
    BDC manager/ Sales

    Hometown: Grant Park, IL

    Employed with Kia: 1 year
    Hobbies: Being outside, shopping, sports
    Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere to camp
    Favorite Kia: Sorento 
    Favorite Movie: Pitch Perfect/ Gone Girl/ Wreck it Ralph
    Favorite Artist: Journey
    Favorite Food: Double Bacon Cheese Burger

    About Me: I am a proud mother of 2 beautiful kids Bailey and Jaxon and a crazy fur baby Capone. I will never pass up Taco Johns..HINT HINT!! I grew up in a small hick town, but don't let that fool you! I will go from lets jump in the mud to pretty in pink in a matter of seconds! I love to meet new people and make them smile! Though this is a mans business it wouldn't be nothing without your girl! 

  • A.J. Daugherty

    Hometown: Manteno, IL

    Employed with Kia: 5 years
    Hobbies: Spending time with family, Playing xbox with my daughter
    Favorite Vacation Spot: Florida
    Favorite Kia: KIA OPTIMA! I've purchased two! 
    Favorite Movie: Step brothers, love comedy's 
    Favorite Artist: Unfortunately anything my 4 year old daughter is listening to I have to act like its my favorite! Otherwise a little of everything.
    Favorite Food: Pizza

    I have a beautiful wife and I'm a proud father. I love to spend time outdoors with my family. I have been living in this area my whole life and enjoy this community. I have been apart of KIA OF BRADLEY for 5 years and love it here, especially helping customers get the best deal around is the biggest reward!

  • Jeannie Keehn

    Hometown: Ashkum, IL

    Employed: 1 year
    Hobbies: Cooking, sewing, crafts, watching cars turn left on dirt!
    Favorite Vacation Spot: Jacksonville,  FL
    Favorite Kia: Optima SX Turbo
    Favorite Movie: Breakfast Club
    Favorite Song/Artist: "Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival
    Favorite Food: Steak & Scallops

    I grew up local, so I probably either know you or know of you!  I spent 5 years in the United States Navy.  I am a serial Red Bull drinker and I love spending time with my son, Cameron, and boyfriend, J. 

  • John Davison
    Sales Consultant
    (815) 932-1000

    Hometown: Wilmington,IL 

    Hobbies: Fishing, Cars, Family, Camping, Hiking
    Favorite Vacation Spot: Gatlinburg , TN

    Favorite Kia:  Optima SX Turbo

    Favorite Movie: Night at the Roxbury

    Favorite Artist: Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Favorite Food: Mexican, BBQ, Cajun

    I am a proud husband and father. I have one boy (12) and one girl (15). I am a super easy person to get along with. I'm always making people laugh, or at least trying to. I like spending time with my family we like to camp, fish, hike, and work on cars. To really sum it up I am just a good ole' country boy that loves life.


  • Landon Prezee
    Sales Consultant
    (815) 932-1000

    Landon's Facebook

    Hometown: Donovan, IL         

    Hobbies:  Golf, Recreation league softball.

    Favorite vacation spot: Panama City Beach, Florida. 

    Favorite KIA: Optima.

    Favorite movie: Jurassic World.

    Favorite music: Country/ Garth Brooks, Keith Urban

    Favorite food: Steak and Chicken 

    About Me:I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am an avid golfer and love the outdoors, I also enjoy going to the movies and relaxing. 

  • Darrin Alderson
    Fixed Operations Director
    (815) 932-1000

    Hometown: Crete, IL

    Hobbies: Golf, Motorcycle riding, and playing pool.

    Favorite vacation spot: Mexico

    Favorite KIA: Sedona

    Favorite movie: Pulp Fiction

    Favorite music: Reggae

    Favorite food: Mexican 

    About Me: I have been in the automobile industry for 26 years and I have been with KIA since 1998. I love spending time with my family, I always look forward to vacation time with them. I also enjoy playing golf in my spare time.  

  • Melissa Capuzzi
    (815) 932-1000

    Hometown: Chicago, IL

    Hobbies: Gardening, Reading.

    Favorite vacation spot: Disney World

    Favorite KIA: Optima

    Favorite movie: Breakfast at Tiffany's

    Favorite music: Country/ Garth Brooks

    Favorite food: New York Strip Steak.

    About Me: I am a mother of three and a grandmother of one. I love hanging out with my kids and having large family get-togethers.  


  • Mathew Hildebrand
    (815) 932-1000

    Hometown: Bourbonnais, IL

    Hobbies: Mountain biking, Hiking, Camping, Skydiving, Working on cars and bikes.

    Favorite vacation spot: New Orleans

    Favorite KIA: Sorento SXL or K900

    Favorite Movie: Forest Gump

    Favorite Music: Classic Rock

    Favorite Food: Italian/Pizza

  • Brian Castongia
    (815) 932-1000

    Hometown: Bradley, IL

    Hobbies: Going to NASCAR and Indycar races.

    Favorite vacation spot: Virginia Beach

    Favorite KIA: Optima

    Favorite movie: Lemans with Steve McQueen.

    Favorite music: Rush/ Rock

    Favorite food: BBQ Chicken Pizza

    About Me: I have an awesome wife, who once surprised me with a trip to see a Dallas Cowboy's game!  I am a proud father of a soon to be Doctor of Music, a fantastic Son-in-Law, and a great extended family. My biggest thrill is going to Indy or Joliet for races and getting autographs. Once,I was able to interview Dale Earnhardt Jr.!


  • Brad
    (815) 932-1000

    Hometown: Beecher, IL

    Hobbies: 4wheelers, Video Games, Trucks, Swimming.

    Favorite vacation spot: Jamaica

    Favorite movie : Clerks

    Favorite music: Aaron Lewis.

    Favorite food: Ribs

    About Me: I am the proud father of two boys and husband to a wonderful wife. I enjoy spending time with family in the pool or at the beach. I have been with KIA for 18 years to date.  

  • Mike Willett
    (815) 932-1000

    Hometown: Beecher, IL

    Hobbies: Car, ATV's, Kids

    Favorite vacation spot: Florida

    Favorite KIA: Cadenza

    Favorite movie: Old School

    Favorite music: George Strait

    Favorite food: Pizza

    About Me: I am a proud father of three amazing kids and husband to my loving wife. I love spending time outdoors with them.  

  • Joey McGrath
    (815) 932-1000

    Hometown: Kankakee, IL

    Favorite vacation spot: Tennessee.

    Favorite KIA: My Sportage

    About ME: I am a hard worker, but I enjoy joking around and amusing my coworkers.