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Performance That Goes Beyond Your Car

Meet The Team Behind The Service At Kia of Bradley

When it comes to you and your Kia, you deserve nothing less than the best, so turn to Kia of Bradley for all of your service and repair needs. At our dealership, we’ve taken the time to assemble a team of qualified and conscientious technicians that have been expertly trained and love to help our customers.

We know that the words “Your vehicle needs service” can cause any car owner to roll their eyes. We work carefully and quickly to do our job correctly and get you back on the road. And most importantly, we take the stress and inconvenience out of the entire process.

Two Service Techicians


General Manager Darrin  Alderson
Darrin Alderson
General Manager
  • (877)-873-4008
  • EXT:111
  • Hometown: Crete, IL
  • Hobbies: Golf, Motorcycle riding, and playing pool.
  • Favorite vacation spot: Mexico
  • Favorite KIA: Stinger
  • Favorite movie: Pulp Fiction
  • Favorite music: Reggae
  • Favorite food: Mexican
  • About Me: I have been in the automobile industry for 30 years and I have been with KIA since 1998. I love spending time with my family, I always look forward to vacation time with them. I also enjoy playing golf in my spare time.
General Sales Manager Derek Carnes
Derek Carnes
General Sales Manager
  • (877) 873-4008 ext 114
  • Hometown: Chicago, IL
  • Hobbies: Golfing and biking.
  • Favorite vacation spot: Japan
  • Favorite movie : White Men Can't Jump
  • Favorite music: Techno.
  • Favorite food: Sushi
  • About Me: Ex NBA Player-basketball is my passion.
Finance Manager Rich Evans
Rich Evans
Finance Manager
  • (877)-873-4008
  • EXT:108
  • Hometown: Bradley, IL
  • Hobbies: Motorcycle riding and golf.
  • Favorite vacation spot: Hawaii
  • Favorite KIA: Optima SX
  • Favorite movie: Platoon
  • Favorite music: Old school Rock and Country
  • Favorite food: Mexican
  • About Me: Love spending time with Family. Having long weekends. Playing golf and riding motorcycles.
Sales Consultant Jim Schroeder
Jim Schroeder
Sales Consultant
  • (877) 873-4008
  • EXT:112
  • Hometown: Crown Point, IN
  • Favorite vacation spot: Cancun Mexico
  • Favorite KIA: Sportage
  • Favorite movie: Vacation (The original)
  • Favorite music: Classic Rock and 80s
  • Favorite food: Prime Rib
  • About Me: I have been in the car business since 1998. My wife and I are pet lovers. We have 2 pitbulls, a shepard/boxer mix and a cat. I love to spend time with family and friends and go to the movies. Last but not least, I'm a Hugh Bears fan. GO BEARS!
Sales Consultant Robert Oertle
Robert Oertle
Sales Consultant
  • (877)-873-4008
  • EXT:116
  • Hometown: South Chicagoland
  • Hobbies: Four wheeling/fishing
  • Favorite vacation spot: Caribbean
  • Favorite KIA: Telluride SX Prestige
  • Favorite movie: Devels Rejects
  • Favorite music: Chicago Deep House
  • Favorite food: Garlic Beef wrap (from Luconis pizza)
  • About Me: A father of three Amazing kids. I love bringing my children out on the water boating and kayaking. Whether we are riding dirt bikes/ 4wheelers or fishing on the Kankakee River. Also like to bring my boys to Manteno skate park and my daughter horse back riding. We always have a great time together.
Sales Consultant Javier  Valerio
Javier Valerio
Sales Consultant
  • (877)-873-4008
  • EXT:114
  • Hometown: Chicago, IL
  • Hobbies: Cars/Motorcycles.
  • Favorite vacation spot: Santorini Greece or Tokyo, Japan
  • Favorite KIA: Stinger GT2
  • Favorite movie: The Illusionist.
  • Favorite music: EDM
  • Favorite food: Tacos
  • About Me: I'm a jack or all trades who is into tech/cars/motorcycles. On my spare time you could probably find me either exploring w/ camera on hand or in the company of family and friends. Pretty laid back and can be pretty fun once you get to know me. (Yes this is also my Dating profile)
Sales Consultant Allison J O'connor
Allison J O'connor
Sales Consultant
  • (877)-873-4008
  • EXT:115
  • Hometown: Clifton, IL
  • Favorite vacation spot: Santa Claus, IN
  • Favorite KIA: Forte GT
  • Favorite movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.
  • Favorite music: Country,rock, and Alternative
  • Favorite food: Orange Chicken
  • About Me: I maybe vertically challenged, but that doesn't stop me.
Sales Consultant Kevin Barton
Kevin Barton
Sales Consultant
  • (877)-873-4008
  • EXT:113
  • Hometown: Harvey, IL
  • Hobbies: Video gaming and playing/watching Sports.
  • Favorite vacation spot: Bora Bora
  • Favorite KIA: Telluride
  • Favorite movie: Varsity Blues.
  • Favorite music: All music
  • Favorite food: Burgers
  • About Me: I love helping people.

Service Manager

Service Manager Kelly  Schroeder
Kelly Schroeder
Service Manager
  • (877) 873-4008
  • EXT:118
  • Hometown: Hammond, IN
  • Hobbies: Volunteering, boxing, power lifting.
  • Favorite vacation spot: At home with my dogs.
  • Favorite KIA: Telluride
  • Favorite movie: What Dreams May Come.
  • Favorite music: 90's Rap&Rock
  • Favorite food: Iced Coffee
  • About Me: I have been in Service and Parts for about 10 years. I like to spend time with my husband, three dogs, and one cat. I enjoy volunteering with an animal rescue, power lifting, boxing, and Krav Maga.

Parts Manager

Service/Parts Brian  Castongia
Brian Castongia
  • (877) 873-4008
  • EXT:120
  • Hometown: Bradley, IL
  • Hobbies: Going to NASCAR and Indycar races.
  • Favorite vacation spot: Virginia Beach
  • Favorite KIA: Optima
  • Favorite movie: Lemans with Steve McQueen.
  • Favorite music: Rush/ Rock
  • Favorite food: BBQ Chicken Pizza
  • About Me: I have an awesome wife, who once surprised me with a trip to see a Dallas Cowboy's game! I am a proud father of a soon to be Doctor of Music, a fantastic Son-in-Law, and a great extended family. My biggest thrill is going to Indy or Joliet for races and getting autographs. Once,I was able to interview Dale Earnhardt Jr.!


Office Manager Amanda  Cole
Amanda Cole
Office Manager
  • (877)-873-4008
  • EXT:105
  • Hometown: Aurora, IL
  • Hobbies: Dancing.
  • Favorite vacation spot: Anywhere on a Cruise ship.
  • Favorite KIA: Sorento
  • Favorite movie: Hair Spray
  • Favorite music: Country/R&B/Dance
  • Favorite food: Mexican
  • About Me: I'm a people person. I love to dance and hang out with my family and friends. I have a sarcastic personality and love to make people laugh!
Office Assistant Cassandra  Currie
Cassandra Currie
Office Assistant
  • (877) 873-4008
  • EXT:105
  • Hometown: Rhodes, MI
  • Hobbies: Scrap booking and Baking.
  • Favorite vacation spot: Northern Michigan
  • Favorite KIA: Sportage
  • Favorite movie: Mr. Hollands Opus.
  • Favorite music: 80's Hairbands
  • Favorite food: Chicken Wings
  • About Me: I enjoy watching Nascar, Football, and College basketball. Also spending time with family and friends.
Office Assistant Melissa Saindon
Melissa Saindon
Office Assistant
  • (877) 873-4008 ext 100
  • Favorite vacation spot: South Carolina
  • Favorite movie : Lawless
  • Favorite music: Country, 80's music, some Pop
  • Favorite food: Anything seafood

Service Consultants

Service Consultant Thomas Baio
Thomas Baio
Service Consultant
Service Assistant Joshua Regnier
Joshua Regnier
Service Assistant
  • (877)-873-4008
  • EXT:122
  • Hometown: Donovan, IL
  • Hobbies: Riding bikes.
  • Favorite vacation spot: Any where with water and a grill.
  • Favorite KIA: Niro
  • Favorite movie: Sandlot.
  • Favorite music: Any and open to all.
  • Favorite food: Pizza
  • About Me: I like to ride my bike on my days off. I watch an excessive amount of Netflix and enjoy coming to work.

Service Technicians

Service Technician Brad  Barker
Brad Barker
Service Technician
  • (877) 873-4008
  • Hometown: Beecher, IL
  • Hobbies: 4wheelers, Video Games, Trucks, Swimming.
  • Favorite vacation spot: Jamaica
  • Favorite movie : Clerks
  • Favorite music: Aaron Lewis.
  • Favorite food: Ribs
  • About Me: I am the proud father of two boys and husband to a wonderful wife. I enjoy spending time with family in the pool or at the beach. I have been with KIA for 18 years to date.
Service Technician Matt Eichorn
Matt Eichorn
Service Technician
  • (877) 873-4008
  • Hometown: Palos Heights, IL
  • Hobbies: Enjoy Punk concerts.
  • Favorite vacation spot: Norther Wisconsin, Los Angelos, or Seattle
  • Favorite KIA: Optima
  • Favorite movie: Interstellar.
  • Favorite music: Punk Rock/alternative
  • Favorite food: TACOS!!!
  • About Me: When i'm not working, I enjoy a night in Chicago going to punk shows while drinking a PBR.
Service Technician Joey  McGrath
Joey McGrath
Service Technician
  • (877)-873-4008
  • Hometown: Kankakee, IL
  • Favorite vacation spot: Tennessee.
  • Favorite KIA: My Sportage
  • About ME: I am a hard worker, but I enjoy joking around and amusing my coworkers.
Service Technician Mike  Willett
Mike Willett
Service Technician
  • (877) 873-4008
  • Hometown: Beecher, IL
  • Hobbies: Car, ATV's, Kids
  • Favorite vacation spot: Florida
  • Favorite KIA: Cadenza
  • Favorite movie: Old School
  • Favorite music: George Strait
  • Favorite food: Pizza
  • About Me: I am a proud father of three amazing kids and husband to my loving wife. I love spending time outdoors with them.

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